The Tree of Life and Courageous: Comparative Analysis on Faith-Based Filmmaking

Published an abridged version of my Master’s thesis in the Journal of Media and Communication Studies in October 2016 Click here to view the article “The Tree of Life and Courageous: Comparative Analysis on Faith-Based Filmmaking”.

Boy Wonder (2014)

  Served as co-composer, cellist, and head of craft services for “Boy Wonder” (dir. Zack Brewer), a short narrative film produced by Asbury University’s Film Production class in the spring 2014 semester. The film went on to place second at the 2015 ICVM Crown Awards. The trailer (for which I did not compose the music)Continue reading “Boy Wonder (2014)”

Lay Me Down (2014) Musical Score

Composed and helped perform an original musical score for Katherine Oostman’s 2014 short film “Lay Me Down” for Asbury University’s Advanced Directing course. Play a sample of the score below:

Recuperación (Recovery) (2014)

A Spanish-language narrative short film I wrote, produced, directed, and edited in the spring 2014 semester for Asbury University’s Advanced Directing course Read the screenplay (in English or Spanish) below: Recovery: A Short Film (English) Recuperación: Un cortometraje (Spanish)

Le Spark (2014)

Served as music production manager, cellist, co-conductor, and one of the behind-the-scenes videographers for the animated short film “Le Spark” (dir. Nathaniel Winckler), winner of multiple awards including a 2014 Student Emmy (Ohio Valley Region)