The Tree of Life and Courageous: Comparative Analysis on Faith-Based Filmmaking

Published an abridged version of my Master’s thesis in the Journal of Media and Communication Studies in October 2016 Click here to view the article “The Tree of Life and Courageous: Comparative Analysis on Faith-Based Filmmaking”.

Media Criticism: Analyses

Analyses on a feature film, radio program, and television episode for Asbury University’s Media Ethics & Criticism course Media Criticism 1: War Room Media Criticism 2: Focus on the Family Media Criticism 3: The Muppets

Film Analysis: Fireproof (2008)

An analysis written in the fall 2014 semester as an independent study for Asbury University’s Master of Arts in Communications (Digital Storytelling) degree, analyzing the film Fireproof (2008) based on the screenwriting theories of Robert McKee, Blake Snyder, Syd Field, and more Click here to read the analysis.