Paul’s Promise (2022) Movie Review

Contributed to a review of the 2022 faith-based film Paul’s Promise, written largely by Cedarville University student Paul Miller in anticipation of an on-campus screening and Q&A Click here to read the article on the Cedars (Cedarville student newspaper) website.

My Husband Shot John Lennon

Biopic/drama spec script based on the life of Gloria Chapman, wife of Mark David Chapman. Based on Gloria’s testimony published in Alliance Life in 2017. Copyrighted in 2022. Logline: after troubles in her marriage and her husband’s arrest for murder, Gloria Chapman wrestles with her relationship with God and whether to remain married to andContinue reading “My Husband Shot John Lennon”

Heartland International Film Festival 2022: Film Reviews

One-page reviews of 12 films I watched at #HIFF31 in Indianapolis, Indiana, between October 7 and 15, 2022. Click here to read the document containing all my reviews!