About seanmoconnor92

Freelance videographer and musician with an M.A. in Communications from Asbury University.

Testimonies of God’s Unfailing Love

I had the privilege of collaborating on this project with a family I have known and loved for a couple years serving in Africa. The four children in this family shared testimonies of what they had recently seen the Lord do in local villages in Africa. This video was shot in late June 2017 and finished in early July. It was used as an accompaniment to a sermon called “God’s Unfailing Love”, which the parents of this family preached in Wadsworth, Middleburg Heights, and Vermilion, Ohio. Check out the video below!

C&MA Central District Children’s Council Promo

In the spring and summer of 2017, I approached the Christian and Missionary Alliance Central District Office about producing a promo highlighting the district’s available resources for our children’s ministry workers. District children’s ministry coordinator Beth Falkenberg and I collaborated on the final video which was finished in late June 2017. The project explained the purpose of the District Children’s Council and how that team supports our children’s workers. The video was distributed throughout the district  in summer 2017. Check it out below!

A Refugee Story: Joseph Kebbie

I had the opportunity in early 2017 to edit a video testimony of a missionary for CAMA Services, the relief arm of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Joseph Kebbie is a refugee from Liberia to Guinea who is now returning to Liberia to show the love of Christ to former child soldiers. I edited, mixed, and provided music for this video. Check out Joseph’s story below!

Missional Living: McDowell County, WV (First Cut)

In April 2017, as coordinator of video production for the Central District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, I traveled with Dr. Jeff Miller, district superintendent, and his wife Pam to McDowell County, the southernmost county in West Virginia. There, the district has several missionaries and families living and serving in the local community, acting out what the district terms “Missional Living”. Although we would use this material for future videos for Central District Conference, we prepared a preliminary cut for our district reception at Alliance Council 2017 in Columbus, Ohio. I shot, edited, mixed, and provided music for this project. Check out this first cut below!

C&MA Central District: Missional Living Series

In the winter and spring of 2017, as coordinator of video production for the Central District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, I was prompted by the Lord to create short videos highlighting district ministry to refugees and immigrants. This led me to producing two short video stories of ministry in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio, ministering to families in our community who have come from all over the world. These stories align with the district’s vision of “Missional Living” in our communities. I shot, edited, mixed, and provided music for both these videos, which were shot in March and April 2017 and made public in June 2017. Please check them out below!