My Husband Shot John Lennon

Biopic/drama spec script based on the life of Gloria Chapman, wife of Mark David Chapman. Based on Gloria’s testimony published in Alliance Life in 2017. Copyrighted in 2022. Logline: after troubles in her marriage and her husband’s arrest for murder, Gloria Chapman wrestles with her relationship with God and whether to remain married to andContinue reading “My Husband Shot John Lennon”

Singing Lessons

Feature-length screenplay, started in Asbury University’s Advanced Screenwriting course in spring 2014, then heavily revised in 2019 and copyrighted in 2021. Logline: an aspiring musician starts leading a high school choir and must learn to build relationships with his students as well as teach them how to sing. Contact Sean here to learn more andContinue reading “Singing Lessons”

The Big Go Rises

Narrative short film produced as a farewell video for the C&MA Central District Superintendent. Shot in one day in summer 2020, edited the following week Click here to read the original screenplay for this film. You can also watch this film’s “prequel” from 2010, a series of videos that I edited into a supercut inContinue reading “The Big Go Rises”