A Refugee Story: Joseph Kebbie

I had the opportunity in early 2017 to edit a video testimony of a missionary for CAMA Services, the relief arm of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Joseph Kebbie is a refugee from Liberia to Guinea who is now returning to Liberia to show the love of Christ to former child soldiers. I edited, mixed, and provided music for this video. Check out Joseph’s story below!


CAMA Moringa Project Videos

In the fall of 2016, I was given the opportunity to edit video testimonies of two Indonesian women serving with the Moringa Project, a ministry of CAMA (Compassion and Mercy Associates) Services, the relief arm of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Ana and Susi, having come from tough situations at home both as children and as adults, help grow the moringa plant in Indonesia for medical use, which has helped them essentially become business owners. I edited, mixed, and composed music for their stories. Although thei videos were finished by November 2016, they were published online in March 2017. Please view them below!

C&MA General Council 2015: Ebola People

In May and June 2015, I served as a video production intern at the Christian and Missionary Alliance National Office in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I worked as an assistant editor on this project, led by C&MA videographer Samo Zeal, about missionaries in Guinea with CAMA (Compassion and Mercy Associates) Services ministering to those impacted by Ebola. This video premiered at the C&MA General Council on May 30 and 31, 2015, and out of all the videos that played at the conference, this is the one that I am most thankful to have been a part of.