The Tree of Life and Courageous: Comparative Analysis on Faith-Based Filmmaking

In December 2015, I completed my Master’s degree in Communications from Asbury University with a film analysis research project entitled “The Tree of Life and Courageous: Comparative Analysis on Faith-Based Filmmaking”. During the spring and summer of 2016, I was in communication with the Journal of Media and Communication Studies, an open-access academic journal with authors from around the world, about publishing a shortened version of my thesis. In October 2016, that article became published in that month’s issue of the journal, and I am pleased to present the link to you now.

Click here to view the article “The Tree of Life and Courageous: Comparative Analysis on Faith-Based Filmmaking”.


Media Ethics & Criticism: Analyses

My final course in the Asbury University graduate program in Communications was Media Ethics & Criticism, which taught me to think more critically about the moral decisions I make in creating media as well as how to critique that media. I wrote three short media criticism analyses for the class – one on the feature film War Room, one on the radio program Focus on the Family, and one on the first episode of the new television series The Muppets. Read them below!

Media Criticism #1: “War Room”

Media Criticism 2: “Focus on the Family”

Media Criticism 3: “The Muppets”

Viral Marketing, Methods, Messages, and Media

In the spring 2015 semester, I took a viral marketing course as part of Asbury University’s Master’s degree in Communications. Although the main project for the class was the development of a marketing campaign, other assignments involved case studies on the success on other campaigns online, particularly on social media. Below are links to essays I wrote on some of these campaigns.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: What Would You Do With $25,000?

God’s Not Dead: Pure Flix + Ribbow Media = $60M+

Pentatonix: Using Social Media for Consistent Virality

Crowd-funding and the Future of Viral Marketing

Writing a Christian Movie: An Analysis of the Story Structure of “Fireproof”

In the second half of the fall 2014 semester of my graduate studies, I completed an independent study where I completed an analysis of the film Fireproof and the structure of its story and screenplay. I compared each event in the film to events in theories on three-act structure and other screenwriting methods according to screenwriting theorists Robert McKee, Blake Snyder, Frank Daniel, Syd Field, and Joseph Campbell. The final paper was ultimately 30 pages.

Click here to read my analysis.

Master Storyteller Seminar

One of the first classes I took in Asbury University’s Master of Arts program in Communications was called “Master Storyteller Seminar”, a class on story structure and the basics of narrative. In the class, I wrote analyses on several motion pictures, the first season of a TV show, and even a song and identified narrative elements in each. Check out my essays below!

The Great Train Robbery: Story Outline and Analysis

The Social Network: Conflict in Motion

Up: A Study on Narrative Structure

Casablanca: Rick, Ilsa, and Victor

The Outlaw: A Song Analysis of Story

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Narrative Complexity

It’s a Wonderful Life: The Moral Premise

House of Cards: A Story Analysis of Season One