Production Design: Film Reflections and Analyses

7 film analyses discussed in class for Master of Fine Arts course in production design:

The King’s Speech: The Word-Image Collision

Shakespeare in Love: The Narrative Environment

Cleopatra: Researching the Un-researchable

Ghostbusters: Set Connectivity

The King and I: Creating a Color Passport

Star Wars: Pioneering Special Effects

The Shape of Water: A New Adventure Environment

Hope’s Got Talent 2017

Hope Church of the C&MA in Brunswick, Ohio, put on their third annual talent show in March 2017 called “Hope’s Got Talent”, where people in the church can participate and perform in this event that raises for the high school summer trip. I produced three promotional videos for the event. Watch them below!

Christmas Groove 2016: Auditions and Interviews

Over the past few years, I have had the privilege of playing cello for and editing concerts of the Christmas Groove, a Christmas benefit concert in northeast Ohio. In 2016, not only did I once again perform, but I also helped produce short videos that were shown throughout the concert. These videos included interviews with the band members asking their favorite Christmas memories and ‘audition’ videos, skits of fake auditions members have to perform in order to join the band. I filmed, edited, and mixed these videos and also helped write the audition videos, primarily the last of the three. The videos premiered at the concert December 2 & 3, 2016. Enjoy them below!


The Tree of Life and Courageous: Comparative Analysis on Faith-Based Filmmaking

In December 2015, I completed my Master’s degree in Communications from Asbury University with a film analysis research project entitled “The Tree of Life and Courageous: Comparative Analysis on Faith-Based Filmmaking”. During the spring and summer of 2016, I was in communication with the Journal of Media and Communication Studies, an open-access academic journal with authors from around the world, about publishing a shortened version of my thesis. In October 2016, that article became published in that month’s issue of the journal, and I am pleased to present the link to you now.

Click here to view the article “The Tree of Life and Courageous: Comparative Analysis on Faith-Based Filmmaking”.